Sunday, November 06, 2005

The NEW definiton of Indiana Time is nearing

Within the next month, or so, (Jan 06) the US Dept of Transportation will provide us all with the new definition of 'Indiana Time'. After this I will remove the Time comments from my blog. The article below is my input among the 6000 submissions to the DoT Indiana Time docket. You can check them out at then type the docket number in Simple Search and read the results to your hearts content.


OST-2005-22114-1565 Comment(s) 11/07/2005 Tom Anspach TXT (2996 bytes)
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Indiana and Time
Time, time, time, Indiana time. A year ago I wrote that the Governor should petition the USDoT to change Indiana’s time zone. I did not realize at the time that USDoT’s ‘charter’ was to base time zones strictly on the impact to Local Commerce.
("from DOT-156-05" Under the Uniform Time Act of 1966, the Secretary of Transportation is given the authority to set time-zone boundaries and requires that decisions be made based on the impact to local commerce.)
Commerce is not the only important thing that should be considered anymore. Maybe at the time USDoT was given the charter for Time Zones it was, but not anymore. Just read some of the horror stories of common, ordinary people living, working and schooling on community time zone boundaries. The involvement of the USDoT made the Indiana Time solution even more confusing. If we come anyway near the USDoT initial recommendation, Indiana time will be even more confusing, and laughable, than it is now.
The basic geographic Time Zone placement for Indiana is so simple that it is beyond me how the politicians can make it so complex. Indiana is a very fortunate state (compared for example to Kentucky and Tennessee) to be entirely and well within 1 geographic time zone. In this case the Central Time Zone. Not Eastern time, not split between communities, but Central Time everywhere in the State of Indiana.
At Time Zone borders there will always be difficulties. The best location for these ‘difficulties’, is at the political borders of States. The worst place for these ‘difficulties’ is to push them down to the borders between communities. With today’s electronic commerce, electronically controlled clocks, automatic DST/ST changes, computer networks, etc. commerce can readily adjust to Time Zone borders. . . . As long as they know where they are. And again, the best place for these Commerce boundaries is between States. Trying to satisfy some ‘figment’ of Commerce Hot spots by dividing communities by time zones boundaries is preposterous. The leadership for Indiana Time Zone(s) belongs at the State level, not at the coummunity level. It is a State ‘Commerce’ issue not a Community Commerce issue.
My solution: . . . . The State, Governor Daniels, should petition the USDoT, to let Indiana decide their own time zone boundaries for commerce purposes (to fulfill USDoT Commerce charter). The Time Zone options for the State to be in priority order: 1- Central Time Only, 2- Central Time or Eastern Time, 3- NOT restricted Eastern Time.
This will satisfy the USDoT charter to base their decsion on Commerce. In this case, Commerce of the State of Indiana. Then the State of Indiana should place Indiana totally in the Central Time Zone. And switch back and forth between DST/ST as the Governor has already done. The result everyone doing business with Indiana will know that Indiana is on Central Time. And the confusing, comical, term of ‘Indiana Time’ will fade into the past.


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