Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympics Winter 2006 & Memories

Although I like the Olympics I don't usually get real excited about them. But these Olympics have a special memory for me. It was in 1990, late June/a little in early July, that I spent about 3 weeks or so in Turino (Turin for English speakers) at the World Cup Soccer games. Watched all the games in Turino (about 6) and traveled to several other cities to watch games. Including Rome, to watch the US play Italy. The few American fans cheered and got all excited if the US team made it to midfield. That is about all the further they ever got that year against the powerful Italian team.

And watching an astounding crowd wave when Columbia played the United Emeritus at Beira (I believe was the city).

I think I will dig out my photo album and take a walk down memory lane.

That is the year that the 'mid family reunion' was at the Outerbanks. Which I missed.


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