Monday, November 17, 2008

My Rubber Band Theory
(1st written in about 1995)

When we leave some place that has lots of meaning, family, close friends, a family reunion, a neat gathering (i.e. a special MC rally e.g. BMW), or when they leave us, there is a rubber band between ‘us’ and ‘them’. As we (or they) leave, the rubber band starts stretching, wanting to pull us all back together. We have a feeling of depression, lonesomeness, missing the friends, the family, etc. . . . wanting to go back. But we must keep going.

We may think the rubber band will never break, but after a period of time and/or distance the rubber band snaps! The time/distance varies, sometimes long sometimes short. After the snap we realize we are back to normal. The great memories remain, the NOW and the FUTURE comes back into focus. And we are OK again. We are on the journey to a new end.

That is my rubber band theory.
Tom Anspach


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