Sunday, February 17, 2008

Upgrading My Computer Capability Chapter 3

Clear off the Dining Room Table - Chapter 3 Sunday 2/17/08

My objective today was to get my new computer gift OFF of the dining room table.

I started by installing 2 new 4’ shelves to help collect my ‘treasures’, to free up some space on my ‘desk’. 7 hours later (with a little time off for lunch) I had them both settled in, ‘power on’ and running. New Dell not hooked to Net, or printer yet.

Although I still have plenty of 'neaterizing' to do, which will at least, hopefully, partially get done, it should work OK for a while.

Disconected everything, wiping off as much dust as I could. I should open up the ol’ HP and dust off the insides.... but did not. Moving speakers and HP desktop, monitor, radio, scanner, odd’s and end's around I finally had a set up.

The 17 inch HP CRT monitor is very deep. Specially when compared to the new Dell 19 inch LCD monitor. Finally wound up having to stick in the corner. Did not like that too well, but appears to be an OK set up. I do not like not having the monitor right in front of the key board. I know many people have it set up that way, but it bothers me. Something left over from my typewriter days. Was finally able to get the monitor and keyboard in an OK position, all though backed into a corner.

Unless I can figure out how to hook up my HP flatbed scanner to the Dell I may have a 98 computer here for some time. The Flatbed scanner works very well, but it has a parallel output cable. And the Del does not have a parallel input connector. Anyone have any ideas let me know, besides buying a new scanner. May change to one of the spare 15 inch CRT’s I have though, so it doesn’t take up so much room.

Thanks again.....for the long term gift. Should last for many birthdays and Christmas’s.

The next step will be to hook the dell up to the Internet, 'dial up', first. Then I will probably start transferring stuff over to it. If it was just my home stuff, email, letters, pictures etc..... it wouldn't be too bad. However I have a lot of background Rails to Trails info and lots more stuff coming in all the time.... and developing lots of stuff....just like a job except, no pay. That move will be kind of tricky. Probably the best thing would be to network them. I think I have to have a router for that... will have to look into it. Any ideas let me know..... Meanwhile, I will use a Flash drive to move stuff back and forth.


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