Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Annual Guinness Ride (3rd)

It’s St. Patrick’s day 3 17 2007
Here is the Story -
My Annual Guinness Ride (3rd)
Tom Anspach 3/17/07

All week I have been worried about getting the bike down the 5/8 mile gravel road to the black top. Because of last weeks few days of 60 degree and + weather, the road has been a quagmire. Pot holes, soft spots, water. But last night (and Thursday night) it froze so was good to ride. Just had to dodge the pot holes and extra rough washboards.

Left about 11:30 AM EDT (previous years we were on standard time), temp a brisk 33 degrees with a nice wind out of the NW. Headed up my usual route, that I like, local county roads to IN10 East of Bass Lake, IN23, slow way down for the RR tracks in Ober, sweep the nice double ‘chacain’ in Koontz Lake, watch for left over sand on the corners, to downtown South Bend. Heading to the Fiddlers Hearth Public House for some Guinness, and some corned beef and cabbage and hopefully some Irish Stew and some St. Patrick’s Day celebration. I also wanted to try out my ‘new’ green Ireland sweater given to me by my friend Gator from Melbourne FL. It has some kind of a story associated with it about Mexico. You will have to have Gator tell you about it, late at night around the campfire. It worked good Gator, thanks a lot. I owe you a beer.

I was worried that things could be very crowded with St. P’s day on Saturday this year. But I arrived at a good time. The place was packed as usual but I was able to elbow my way close enough to the bar. As usual everyone was very sociable. So had nice chats with the neighbors. People next to me were from Plymouth and Kewanna, ‘Southerner’s like me. Steve even bought a Guinness for me. Thanks Steve. After a couple hours or so, 2 pints, 1 coffee and a big plate of corned beef and cabbage (I was too full for the Irish Stew), lots of conversation, listening to the Irish music and watching the Celtic dancer, it was, sniff, time to leave.

Headed back home with the temp at a balmy 43 degrees. Took some sort of a round about way via IN4 and IN104 and US6 and US35. Wasn’t sure exactly where I was, but didn’t care. Made a special loop south of Winamac/Pulaski to check out roads we are adding to the Spring Fest ‘Tippecanoe and Bicycles Too’ bicycle ride (May 12), to make sure they were black top and not gravel. Nice loop. Should be a nice addition. Parked my bike at my Mother In Law’s house till the gravel road dries out. Anyone need a nice cozy house, 2 bedroom, with large detached 2 car garage, North side of Winamac? It’s for sale. By then the temps were lowering back into the mid 30’s.

Only used my electric vest a few times. Nice sunny day with clear sky and some scattered clouds, My ‘85 BWW K100RT with 192K miles ran great 2nd time out since 1st part of December.

A perfect 180 mile day for my Annual Guinness Ride. Thanks again Shawn who pours a nice glass of Guinness, and Carol H. the ‘Lady of the House". Fiddler's Hearth is South Bend's local public house -- a gathering place for Celtic artists and the public at large.


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