Wednesday, May 17, 2006

GPS and its influence on MEN

GPS and its influence on MEN.

For the all of time, men have bitched and moaned when their wives/girlfriends have whispered sweet terms in their ears while driving. Turn here, go a little further then turn right. You need gas, your driving too fast. You turned to early, take the next left then double back. Men have been known to move the love of their life to the back seat, even throw them out of the car. This has been going on since men have started trying to find their own way.

But Now---

These same men will go out and spend $700 for an electronic box to hear this same sweet voice tell them where to turn, when to stop, how far they have gone, how to get back if they are lost, when to stop for gas.. . . ... and JUST LOVE IT.

It just doesn't make sense to me . . . what is the world coming to?

And they even do it while riding their BMW Motorcycle

Ride far, feel the breeze, see the trees, ride safe.


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