Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Annual Guinness Ride #5

The Tradition Continues My Annual Guinness Ride #5
May 17th 2009

This is getting kind of old. Or is it? The 5th year in a row since I started this tradition after moving back to Indiana from Florida in Dec of 2001. I missed not having a St Patrick’s Day place to go where they had real Guinness, maybe some Murphy’s Stout and some Irish whiskey although I don’t often sample that. Don’t have a DD for the ride home. Corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, Fish n chips. Not that watery Green Beer…. Ugh!!. .

As the day approached, this year the weather was amazing. It was Florida weather. Temperature supposed to get to the 70’s. My brother John was riding with me again. We left home about 10:30AM, the temps were just above 60 degrees and sunny. Wow!! Neither electric vest nor thermal underwear needed this year.

East on IN14, met John on US31 Rochester, the up to the Fiddlers Hearth in South Bend. Had a couple pints, some great corned beef and cabbage several glasses of water, a big cup of coffee. Listened and watched the Celtic band and dancers, chatted with the revelers, then our couple of hours was over and it was time to head home.

Back to the parking garage and it seemed we had exceeded our 2 hours of free parking. Cost us 5 bucks, well worth it of course. Usually we park in an end painted off area. However this time a car in the adjacent slot had it half blocked off. Fortunately there was an open slot a couple spaces down. 1st time we got marked.

Headed home via IN23, IN10, IN17. Temperature in high 70’s. Then decided on a rest stop at Cooters in Star City. Missed picking up the Star City Black top south of Kewana (I nearly always miss it) and wandered around the back roads getting over to US35. I knew what had happened when we hit a gravel road. Ah, I have done this before. After a nice stop at Cooters we headed home, me north back to Winamac, John south to Logansport.

Another nice ‘Annual Guinness Ride’ on St Patrick’s Day.

This is a stitch of 2 photos, 1 guinness hat (mine from son Jeff a few years ago)



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