Sunday, February 15, 2015

Can we name our Blizzards?

    I wrote this little little item 4 years ago... I happened to run across it recently... I think I will reprint it... - - - - -______
    ==== I am Jealous =====
    This morning when I woke up, and all that was left of the Blizzard was snow, I realized I was Jealous. And as I went through the day, a beautiful sunny day. I thought more about it and had to write it down.
    You guys in the South get to name your hurricanes. Fred, George, Earl, Karen, Ursula, etc. Nice neat names.... to remember them by.
    Up here in the heart of the country we get a Blizzard and we get no name. Just 'that Blizzard of 78 was really bad!' or hunker down there is a Blizzard on the way. etc. I think we should have names for our Blizzards.... like- Jane, April, Amber, Betsy, etc......
    This being the 1st Blizzard of 2011.... Lets call it . . . . Amber . . . that is good for starters....
    So next summer we can say, Man that Amber was a dozzie wasn't she..... Or next winter..... 'hunker down Betsy is on the way'. That would be much better..... wouldn't it?
    I think I will call NOAA... or what ever they are called.  


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