Sunday, May 03, 2015

I Am So Very Sad

Kelly the Kat  4 15 2015  6 weeks old – 5 3 2015 8 weeks old

Kelly the Kat, Gone Sunday 5/3/2015, accident, about 2 PM . .  how so very sad.........

Buried in yard east of dog yard, by fence.  Flowers above.

Reluctant to add the terrible story but decided to do it anyway:
Here is the terrible story.  I debated about adding it but since I told it to Marie, here it is. 
Kelly was a rambunctious little kitten.  
She was faster than greased lightning.
And, like is typical of kittens, was always learning new things
and liked to play and sleep on our laps, and try to check out what I was eating.
She would climb up on my back when sitting then ride around there when I got up and walked.
When I was working on the computer she would always be there 
She found a sleeping place on one of the shelves as shown in the picture.
She was rapidly becoming one of the family, was one of the family.
One thing she loved to do was chase my pants cuffs as I was walking around the house.
I tried to be careful, but I did step on her foot a couple times, causing her to squeal but nothing serious.

Yesterday (Sunday May 3) I was carrying some kind of bulky stuff down into the basement.
Kelly was chasing my cuffs.
I could not see her as the stuff was in the way, but I knew what she was doing.
I have to be careful just going up and down stairs without carrying anything, let along some bulky, not to heavy, stuff
About the 3rd step or so, 
I was stepping down with my right foot, close to the wall,
As I was getting ready to transfer my weight to my right foot as it approached the step she ran under my foot. 
I had my sneakers on
I felt and heard this crunch. . . 
. . . oh no!!!!!
There was no squeal.
She went into spasm's and tumbled down the rest of the stairs
and started convulsing at the bottom
I rushed down, dumped the stuff
I could tell there was nothing I could do
She convulsed for a minute or so 
and dead.
Not a drop of blood. 

I must have stepped on her head neck and must have crushed it. 
I should have stopped earlier and made sure she was not chasing my pants cuffs as I went down the stairs or I should have carried only 1 of the 2 items I was carrying. 

I was DEVASTATED, in Shock.   

I rushed up stairs and told Patty,  "I killed the Cat, . . . . I stepped on her on the stairs."
She was shocked also, but recovered quickly enough to say, 'Well accidents happen, take her out and bury her.'

I picked her up, took her out and buried her in the yard as I mentioned. 

I was out of it the rest of the day, and still am.....  there are tears in my eyes as I type this.

Kelly the Kat is gone


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