Saturday, November 28, 2009

TEXTING and me 11/27/09

Some background.

I am not normally a textor. After all I am 76 years old. We never had texting when I was younger. Didn’t need it.

I believe it was my grandson Nathan who 1st got me into an extremely low level of texting. Maybe a year or so ago. My use of texting has been VERY LIMITED. And my cell phone has the old (I guess it is old for a cell phone now a days) numerical keyboard so to type the letters you have to be careful how often you hit the keys and the timing is critical to get it right.

From observations around town, watching the local youngsters, on previous trips, and the news, I realized that texting is BIG. Me, I am still very limited.

On my recent trip 1st or so of November, I became much more aware of it while spending a week with my grandson, Nathan, in Alaska. Texting is a way of life. My daughter and son in law use it as a primary method of keeping in touch with their son when he is not home.

I have watched the active textors, walking down the street, in the airports, all manuverhing while texting, navigating around people and obstacles without bumping into anything and ‘heaven forbid’ even while driving. I thought to myself; there has got to be a better way than this texting phenomena.

I could not picture myself, in any way, texting under those conditions.

The Story

On my way back from Alaska to home. My airplane left Juneau, at night, in a snow storm and I had a few stops and layovers on the way back to Indiana.

And of course my daughter was keeping track of me. Texting. And I answered with a short to the point text message.
Have you left? Ys at xx:xxPM.
Where are you? SEA all k.

Then the long flight from Seattle to Chicago. As we land and exit the airplane, there am I, like everyone else, turning on my cell phone. Did I get any messages? Yes, there is a text message from my daughter. How is it going? Or something to that effect.

So now, without even thinking. Here I am. As I walk down the crowded hallways, take the moving sidewalk, hindering the people behind me who want to walk faster, trying to keep my bag rolling, trying to keep aware and not running into anyone - - - - typing out a text message to her.

I am thinking WHY am I doing this? Shouldn’t I be struck by lightning?
Have I arrived into the 21st century


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