Friday, February 26, 2016

My book read number 1007 Feb 26, 2016

My book read number 1007 Feb 26, 2016 “Where the Bodies were Buried” T. J. English cr 2015- Whitey Bulger and the World that Made Him.

 A tremendous story about the Mobs in Boston and the excessively close relationship to the FBI/DOJ and some cases local police ‘informants’. Bulger was heavily involved in the mobs etc. in Boston from 1970’s. Even after a stint in jail. He seemed to love to kill people. He had a very close relationship to his FBI informant handlers. Paying them money for info and he providing them info on other mobs. He literally got away with murder because of this relationship. Also 4 innocent men were sentenced to jail for crimes they did not commit just to keep the Bulger FBI relationship together. They spent 30 years in jail before being released. It is apparent that the ‘illegal/illogical’ relationship went to the top of the DOJ chain of command.
They, Bulger, his buddies, and their DOJ handlers were close buddy buddy’s, having family like gatherings at homes and restaurants.

It is apparent that the DOJ cannot be successful without informants... but it is certainly questionable about how far they should be able to go. Here are some links to further information.

I have decided to stop writing reviews for my ‘bookworm list’. I will post reviews once in a while on my Blog.
PS- 12 31 2017   I guess I did not follow through on this. . . I still write a review once in a while for my bookworm list. . . and I DONT post them on my Blog. . .  :)


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