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I remember Pearl Harbor December 7 1941

I remember Pearl Harbor December 7 1941
Tom Anspach 12/7/2010

I know I have written this story many times. I am unable to find it. Maybe it is on one my obsolete computers down in the basement. I will write it again and stick it on my Blog.
I was in 3rd grade, in the fall of 1941. Going to a 4 room school in Sitka Indiana. Located between Buffalo and Monticello about 1 mile or so east of IN39/IN119. It is no longer there.
We lived about 3 miles east of Buffalo, Just south of the big Liberty township land fill. Which, of course, was not there at that time. That is the place I (mostly I) and 2 of my little brothers set the woods/pasture on fire. Another fine story. The place where we 1st could turn on a switch and the overhead light (just 1) would come on - - magic. We took the bus about 10 miles or so to and from school.
I do not recall knowing about Pearl Harbor on Sunday. Dad and Mom may have as they listened to the radio regularly.
As I got to school I vividly remember looking up the stairs where the teachers usually stood waiting for their kids to get to class. There was something wrong. The teachers had this feeling that they were exhibiting. I have tried to search for the right word… I think aura fits it best. They did not say anything. It was just like they were excreting some sort of a ghostly atmospheric field. There was something drastically wrong. Later as the day wore on it became clear what had happened but, being so young the significance of it did not hit home.
That particular moment, when I realized something was drastically wrong, is still stuck in my mind. And of course that was the beginning of WWII. And we were ALL involved in it back then for the next 4 years. I should write down my stories from that time.


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