Monday, May 23, 2011

My Motorcycle Dilemma

My Motorcycle Dilemma

Tom Anspach 5/23/2011

Coming back on my MC, from Buzzard Bottom 4, May 12 2011, and my Son’s place in Canton, NC, I noticed a steady degrading in ability to shift. Coupled with some apparent clutch dragging. Thinking back, the symptoms had started earlier.

In my mind at the time- clutch or transmission?

Today, May 20th, I finally got around to looking at it. I loosened up the clutch cable stuff and adjusted per 'spec'.

Rear wheel would spin in any gear and obvious drag on engine when pushing the rear brake. And it took quit a bit of brake power to stop the spinning wheel. Way too much. Also I could not turn rear wheel by hand when in any gear and clutch pulled in. Moved clutch engagement adjusting bolt all the way in to see what happened. No change. Clutch cable movement is smooth and observed cable clean and no fraying at the exposed ends.

My conclusion, so far: Clutch.

I suppose there could be the possibility of excessive clutch cable stretch, but I did not notice any (observing clutch handle connection and clutch engagement arm) and turning the clutch push rod adjusting screw all the way end should have had an effect in that case. After all I changed the clutch cable about 200,000 miles ago!

My bike - '85 K100RT 220K - has many idiosyncrasies that need to be 'fixed'. Although I can work on some things, the clutch (and similar repairs) are somewhat above my desire and ability to get into it. My seat of the pants estimate is that it probably is not worthwhile spending the money to get it fixed up. It has given me 215K of good riding miles.

And I just put a new front tire on it.

This is my 'life is a series of compromises' and my decision dilemma at the moment

I have always had the motto, which goes 1st my bike or me. So my bike has won, so far.

Deciding what to do-

1- Retire from riding

2- Try to fix it, in my 'spare' time

3- See if I can scrape up the cash to replace it. (under $3K including taxes & transportation)

And if # 3, I would like to go to a smaller/lighter bike, and stick with a BMW, possibly K75.

I received many comments from my BMW Riding community. None recommended option 1 above. However it is still high on my list. As it would give me more time to work on stuff around here and travel to see my kids. I have found a K75 (92) in Kalamazoo MI, on cycle trader, listed at $3500 or so.

So my dilemma is still active.

Procrastination may win out to option 1 in the end.


Blogger IN Tom said...

I have essetntially retired from riding. I miss it. The thing I miss the most though is the DRIVE I used to have to ride. To want to get on my bike and run an errand, or just take a ride.

Thu Apr 25, 07:15:00 AM PDT  

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